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Personal or Commercial Media Blasting

Start a restoration project properly with the help of media blasting by our Richmond, Virginia, company. Virginia Sand Blasting provides safe removal of paint, rust, and grime from a variety of materials.

Thorough Sand Blasting

Available for individuals as well as for commercial, state, or county work, sand blasting is an effective method of stripping most metal, fiberglass, or plastic items down to bare material. We perform work on items from vehicles—including boats, cars, and trailers—to collectibles such as gas pumps and candy machines. Our method is also ideal for removing graffiti from various structures.

Capable Service

No matter what you seek to accomplish, we are prepared for the job. We provide step-by-step consultation and mobile service from our knowledgeable technicians, and use only top-of-the-line equipment from dustlessblasting.com™.

Classic Corvette - Media Blasting
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